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C# Automation Testing

Automation testing with dotnet

Automation Testing using C# Dotnet

C # is another programming language that supports binding to selenium. Also, this language integration will be enhanced with the Java program. In addition to the development of web, desktop & mobile applications, C # is also widely used for test automation with the various test configurations it offers. In APPEX TECHNOLOGIES the curriculum will be updated on a daily basis to ensure that the newly trained students are in line with the practical assignments in the current competitive field. Classes start at 9:30 a.m. and end at 7:30 p.m., with several blocks. If you are stuck in the company where you work, your coach will be there to guide you even after you finish your studies. This is a huge added value and other companies do not have the flexibility to do this much.

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dotnet automation testing
Selenium Automation Using C#

C # is an object-oriented programming language. It is considered one of the best programming languages for automation. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 67% of users opt for C # for upgrades and automation. If any student is not showing interest and not paying attention. They will take personal care as their responsibility. Ever since you joined Appex Technologies, we have wanted to share with you a journey to achieve this special place in your life. We are very pleased to observe your journey.

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dotnet slenium training in coimbatore

C# Dotnet Selenium Training in coimbatore

Selenium has specific drivers for each language. Selenium web driver is often used with Java and C #.Test scripts can be coded in Selenium in any of the supported programming languages and run directly on most modern web browsers including Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. We APPEX TECHNOLOGIES offer a wide range of hours on weekdays and weekends to suit students with a variety of needs, from beginners to working professionals to entrepreneurs. If a student misses a class, we will conduct a compensation class to cover such blocks. Once a student completes all the modules and passes the recommended exams, we also offer interview training and job placement assistance.

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